HSCS Athletics
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HSCS Athletics
Welcome to Holy Spirit's Athletics page! 
Below you will find information about what is happening in the athletic world for our Flyers, including important documents.

Please look under the "Documents" section for relevant forms (Consent forms and the monthly schedules!)

At Holy Spirit, we are proud to offer:

Cross Country Running; LDAA Meet (Grades 3-8) and Evergreen's Meet (Grades 3-6) 
Volleyball; both a girls and boys Jr Jr program (Grades 5-8), as well as a developmental program (Grades 3-6)
Basketball; both a girls and boys Jr Jr program (Grades 5-8), as well as a developmental program (Grades 3-6)
Running Room Indoor Games
Floor Hockey; a girls and boys Grade 5/6 team and a girls and boys Grade 3/4 team
Track & Field 

We are also very proud to host our very own tournaments including:
- the 3rd Annual Soar Above Invitational (Jr Jr Volleyball, Boys & Girls)
- the 4th Annual Take Flight Invitational (Jr Jr Basketball, Boys & Girls)

As well as our sixth:
- LDAA Jr Boys Volleyball Playoff Tournament evening in November.

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